A Quicker Method for Calculating Mortality Ratios Based on Survival Rates in Clinical Trials and Other Follow-up Studies

Journal of Insurance Medicine: Vol. 33, No. 4, pp. 339–348.
Abdelouahed Naslafkih, MD, MSc,a
and François Sestier, MD, PhD, FACC

University of Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada (Mr
Naslafkih); Research Centre, Notre-Dame Hospital,
CHUM, and Faculty of Medicine, University of Montreal,
CP 6128 Succ. Centreville, Montreal, QC H3C 3J7,
Canada (Dr Sestier)


Objectives.—To provide reference expected cumulative survival tables, reducing steps in the
calculation of mortality ratios and excess death rates from the medical literature, when source
data are in terms of survival curves or cumulative survival rates.
Method.—Actuarial methodology.
Results.—Tables provide cumulative expected survival rates calculated by entry age and for
different periods of follow-up, as used in clinical trials and registries in the medical literature.
Conclusion.—The observed survival in scientific papers can be appraised promptly using
cumulative survival tables calculated from either insurance or population life tables.
Keywords: Life tables, cumulative survival, mortality ratios